E-Mark Printer Experiment (Colop)


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The Colop emark, though a little pricey, is an awesome-designed, unusual “digital rubber stamp” that prints your text or designs on a variety of surfaces and materials.

The Colop e-mark is a unique palm-size inkjet printer meant for printing labels, bar codes, rubber-stamp-like artwork, and other imprints on a different media ranging from paper and label stock to cloth and packaging material. Vended as a stamping and imprinting device (possibly the first electronic alternative to a rubber stamp), it has no competitors that I can find. The e-mark prints well and at a cheap operating cost, especially compared to the Brother VC-500W color label printer that copped an Editors’ Choice recently. Overall, the e-mark is a well-designed, well-performing device with a variety of applications for both home-Business and offices. Notwithstanding a quirky mobile app and a high price tag, the e-mark takes home our Editors’ Choice in an all-new category: e-stamp printers.

compact printer

As you can see in the image below, at 7.3 x 7.6 x 11.1 CM and weighing just 0.4 KG, the e-mark is abnormally small. Most of its size is designed to house its 1 ink cartridge. It also comes in two colors, white and black.
In addition to the printer itself, you will get you a docking station for charging and protecting the printhead, as well as a dust cover that keeps the printer clean while not in use.

Technical information

Connectivity consists of mini-USB or Wi-Fi Direct, though you will have a power cable and adapter to charge the printer. Both the power and USB plugs are located on the rear of the printer, and you can control and send designs and print labels from the software on a Windows 7, 8, or 10 desktop or laptop or an Android or iOS handheld application.
The e-mark works battery that gives hundreds of prints between charges and takes about 3 hours to charge when fully drained. You’ll find the on/off indicator as well as the printhead and a set of rollers that aid in the sideways movement required to make it print, on the underside of the device.

Performance, Print Quality, and Running Costs

As it’s so unique from other printers, it prints as quickly as you can align it and drag it over a surface; the typical numbers such as pages or labels per minute are irrelevant. You can print up to three imprints continuously as fast as you can tap your finger to shift between designs and move the device over the areas you want to print. You can also print two different stamps in sequence by dragging right and then left.

Keeping in mind that the maximum print size is 1.3×15.2 CM, Make sure the graphics and photos that you import into your designs are good enough to display a lot of detail and high quality. That said, the e-mark’s print quality is well above what it should be for its intended applications. I observed few or no jagged edges or grainy images, though quality and detail varied greatly depending on media. The cloth is, for example, much more absorbent than most paper types, so simply print quality and detail degrade somewhat on softer materials. Overall, though, I’ve no complaints about the output quality.

Ideal for Many Imprinting Projects

Apart from its price and finicky Android application, I was impressed with the compact Colop e-mark. It prints well and economically, and it or products like it may well be the next-generation replacement for the old and hardened rubber stamp technology. With the e-mark, you have a wide range of flexibility for printing all sorts of messages and labels on many different types of media, from labels and envelopes to cloth ribbons and napkins. but as the only e-stamp product, I know of, it’s a shoo-in as our top pick for an electronic imprinting machine—not to be confused with e-stamp postage devices.


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